If you can’t find the time or simply don’t have enough inspiration to write the article that you need to submit tomorrow, then you probably wish there was a magic button you could press for the article to write itself.

Actually, that is possible. Well, it won’t write itself, but CustomWritings.com will do it for you. Plenty of their customers left some CustomWritings testimonials behind, and with the information we could find on the Internet, we tried to write a review on their services.

Introducing Custom Writings

It is an academic writing service that provides custom articles on various subjects, mainly for high-school students and even graduates. They offer to write anything from essays, summaries, presentations and research projects to movie and book reviews, theses and dissertations. They don’t give many details about any of these services, so it is difficult to really know what you will receive in exchange for your money.

Unfortunately, as we tried to find more about Custom Writings’ services and experience, the information was either lacking or confusing.

For example, on their own website, it is stated that CustomWritings.com has been providing services for ten years now, but on the same website, they mention an eight-year experience.

The Customer Reviews

One of the clients had requested an undergraduate level research paper, and one of the things they noticed when placing the order is that it took more time than it should have. This was because the options were in alphabetical order and no popular options placed on top.

The paper was received by the customer before the deadline and had the requested length, but he couldn’t help but notice some reasons of concern. For example, half of the resources used in the writing of the paper were suitable for high-school, not for a third or fourth-year undergraduate. Moreover, there were quite a few grammatical errors, and only 85% of each page contained writing. The price of this paper was $210.

Also, from the beginning to the end, clients had very little contact with the writer, which means even more uncertainty regarding the requested paper. CustomWriting.com seems to have a problem with submitting their orders by a given deadline. There are many people who complain about not receiving their paper in time.

The customer support department hasn’t received many praises either. Apparently, clients had quite a few misunderstandings while trying to sort out the details of their order or when they asked about the reasons for delays.

Prices and Discounts

The prices start from $10 and vary, depending on the academic level, the number of pages, urgency, and type of paper needed.

Custom Writings offers some coupon codes and a promo code. However, you should check them twice before using them, since they may not be active.

Final Thoughts

CustomWritings.com does offer a wide range of services and delivery options, and it is not fraud or scam. However, taking into consideration the customer reviews, there are chances you will not receive what you pay for. For this reason, we will give a low rating.

CustomWritings review