The Internet is full of scams, and once you experience them for yourself, it is difficult to build back the same level of trust. Traps might hide behind ads, discounts or various false reviews made to convince the public that what certain websites are selling is the best merchandise on the market.

This happens in every domain, and writing companies are not excluded. We decided to make a CustomEssayMeister review and the services offered by them, with the help of the already existing customer reviews, the information found on their website and our own experience with the company.

Our Experience with Their Services

While navigating on, you immediately notice that it is difficult to find any information and the one that you find is poorly written. One of the first things we looked for were the samples available, to make a general idea about their writing skills. We were pleasantly surprised by their quality, and this encouraged us to make an order. The request was for a five-page research paper of average difficulty that should not have been a problem for the company’s writers.

Our paper came before the deadline expired, but unfortunately, it was of no use since it contained lots of writing mistakes. The result was disastrous and of very poor quality. When we compared it to the available samples from CustomEssayMeister’s website, there was a big difference in terms of quality, skills and English level. This led us to believe that those samples must have been purchased from somewhere else, with the purpose of luring people to buy their services.

From the beginning, the writer that took our order was communicative and seemed very experienced. However, the poor quality of our paper made us doubt that the person we talked to was the same one who wrote it.

What Other Customers Think

Although we were lucky to receive our paper before the deadline, the majority of customers complained that their orders had arrived late, which caused them trouble. Moreover, just like it happened to us, their papers were full of mistakes and incoherent paragraphs. Another client was complaining about the lack of professionalism proved by the writers and advised people to search for another writing company, where they could find better services, even with discounts.

Just as we did, clients tried to contact the customer support department. However, they did not prove to be of any help and were rarely even available.

What about the Prices?

Regarding the costs, they are above average compared to the other prices on the market. Taking into consideration the lack of quality services they provide, the prices are way too high. Their website provides approximate prices for different deadlines.

Custom Essay Meister does offer some discounts and coupon codes for the first order and for referring a friend. But even after using them, the prices are still high. There is no promo code.


After trying their services, the majority of customers would not recommend this company. And unfortunately, neither would we. That’s why we give it a low rating.

Even though they do offer discounts and this might attract the clients, take into consideration the available testimonials before placing an order. At least, CustomEssayMeister is no fraud or scam.

CustomEssayMeister review