I think most students are already familiar with EduBirdie.com and their cartoonish site, but I don’t know how many of them know that this is probably one of the worst companies to order papers from.

If you’ve never worked with this service, you did yourself a great favor. In the following, I’ll delve a little deeper into the reasons why I think Edu Birdie is not a good choice. So, keep reading this EduBirdie review!

About EduBirdie.com

EduBirdie is a hub for freelancers. You place your order, and they will bid on it. This would have worked just great if the writers were a little more professional. And of course, there’s little to no actual information on the writers.

I’ll tell you this, however: they are all ESL. Subsequently, the composition is really bad. Papers are replete with grammatical errors and references with tons of inaccuracies. Moreover, the site has no control, as far as I’m concerned, over who can become a writer and who can’t.

Many testimonials also point out that EduBirdie.com does not have any screening process when acquiring other writers to add up to the stuff.


The Prices

Because it’s a site for freelancers, no prices are set in stone. Each writer asks for a certain sum. You can expect to pay up to $10 per page, which isn’t bad at all, but it’s still too much when considering the quality.

There are no discounts, coupon codes or a promo code. It’s safe to say that prices can be negotiated, although this doesn’t help with quality either. If you still decide to work with this company, ask any writer that might want to write for you to send something he/she has written.

This way, you’ll be able to assess whether he/she knows how to actually write a paper that won’t get you a failed exam.


Customer Reviews

“You hit the nail right on the head! Thank you helping!!! I will recommend you to others who have writers block.” Utterly amazing. There’s already a tradition for writing services, particularly the disastrous ones, to create their own testimonials.

It helps in giving them a little credence (maybe for some, but not for me, in any circumstance). All testimonials on the site are positive, even though the grammar in them is laughable.

Off-site, all reviews are negative. EduBirdie.com is no fraud or scam, but there have been a lot of complaints concerning the poor communication between writers and customers, as well as about the quality of their papers.


My Rating

Edu Birdie joins the ranks of those paper writing services that should not be allowed to activate on the Internet or elsewhere, for that matter. I couldn’t say that this is just a passing fad and EduBirdie.com could prove to be great in the future.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend EduBirdie and neither should you. Until next time, make sure none of your friends stumbles upon this website and makes the mistake of ordering any kind of paper from it. Stay safe.

Edubirdie review